Working with Code Lists

NIEM provides several techniques for working with code lists. At this time, there are a few documents available:

  1. The NIEM Code Lists Specification defines methods for using separate code list documents with NIEM information exchanges. It describes how to use CSV spreadsheet files or Genericode XML documents as representations of code lists. It describes how to connect messages to code lists at run time or at schema definition time. It also defines some common code list columns, which have meanings that are needed across the NIEM community. The NIEM Code Lists specification is provided a few different ways, including as a web page, ZIP file, or as a GitHub repository.

  2. The NIEM Code Lists FAQ answers some frequently asked questions about NIEM code lists.

  3. Our page on Genericode, a code list representation format provides links to the Genericode specification and tools.

Documents under development:

  1. A NIEM Code Lists User Guide, which will provide descriptions of the artifacts and techniques for working with NIEM code lists. It will be targeted towards exchange and system developers that use code lists in specifying messages.

  2. A NIEM Code Lists Primer, which will provide a walk-through exercising the code lists specification.