Normative Rules

This section contains a listing of the normative rules, for use as a quick reference guide for the following:

Conformance Targets Attribute Rules

The CTAS defines XML attributes that may occur within XML documents to establish a claim that the document conforms to a set of conformance targets. The CTAS does not define conformance targets; conformance targets are defined in the MPD Section 3.1 and NDR Section 3.6. There are six CTAS rules.

Model Package Description Specification

The MPD specification contains 60 normative rules for constructing a:

  • NIEM Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD),
  • NIEM Release (including a micro, minor, or major)
  • NIEM Domain Update
  • NIEM Core Update to a NIEM release
  • NIEM Enterprise Information Exchange Model (EIEM)

Naming and Design Rules

The NIEM v3.0 NDR contains 239 normative rules defined in six sections of the specification (i.e., Section 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12). NIEM NDR apply to four categories of conformance targets denoted at the end of each rule in parenthesis. The codes representing conformance targets are as follows:

  • REF: Reference schema document
  • EXT: Extension schema document
  • SET: Conformant schema document set
  • INS: Conformant instance XML document

What follows is a numerical listing of each NDR. Future plans are to include categorically grouping of NDR.