Appendix B - Resources

URLs to releases, technical references, tools, templates, and other aids

Releases URL Notes
All NIEM release packages  
All NIEM release raw files  
NIEM domain updates, core supplements  
NIEM 3.2 release   replace ‘3.2’ for older versions

References URL Notes
NIEM technical references latest versions
All NIEM technical references includes legacy versions
NDR Schematron rules use w/ oXygen or XMLSpy
NIEM 2.1 UML profile for NIEM 2.1 only
NIEM 3.0 UML profile NIEM 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
Conformance Specification v3.0  
Naming and Design Rules (NDR) v3.0  
Conformance Targets Attribute Specification v3.0  
Code Lists Specification v1.0  
Model Package Description (MPD) Specification v3.0.1  
High Level Version Architecture v3.0  
Change request v1.0  
Wantlist schemas (all versions)  
Model schemas v1.1  
NIEM Configuration Control Tool (NCCT) User Guide v1.0  

Reference Tools URL/Email Notes
NIEM online reference tools  
Schema Subset Generation Tool (SSGT) services available: search, subset
Conformance Testing Assistant (ConTesA)  
Code List Schema Generator service available
NIEM tool staging server only available in beta stage of release cycles
NIEM GitHub  
NIEM Config Control Tool (NCCT) used by NIEM governance (not public)
Request tool account, services, or report tool issues  

Other Tools URL/Email Notes
Wayfarer (online; by Tom Carlson) search NIEM
Wayfarer (for download; by Tom Carlson) search NIEM
Oracle Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) XML editor, validator, designer
MITRE Openii information integration tool suite
Altova XMLSpy XML editor (not free)
Altova NIEM solutions other Altova support for NIEM
Syncro Soft SRL oXygen XML Editor XML editor (not free)

Other Resources URL Notes
NIEM home  
Change request  
NCCT User Guide  
Schemas that define a Wantlist  
Code list metadata master now in each release package 3.0+
IEPD Clearinghouse mostly older IEPDs
ISO/IEC Standard 11179 Information Technology – Metadata Registries (MDR) guidance for names and definitions
Domain Performance Scorecard [ ENTER URL WHEN POSTED ]

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