NIEM 3.0 Technical Architecture Changes

The changes to the NIEM technical architecture from NIEM version 2.* to version 3.0 are highlighted below.



  • Replaced conformant indicator with conformance targets for reference schema, extension schema, conformant schema document set and conformance instance XML document

  • Updated the approach used for augmentations
    • Replaced the use of type substitution with element substitution
    • Added augmentation point elements to object and association types
  • Added support for local vocabularies

  • Added structures:ref and merged content and reference elements

  • Added NDR Schematron rules to normatively define and validate conformance where possible.

  • Replaced ComplexObjectType with ObjectType and AssociationType

  • Added multiple representations of code lists (code, literal)

  • Removed appinfo base

  • Removed sequenceID, augmentation and metadata elements

  • Replaced external adaptor type indicator with an attribute

  • Added external import indicator

  • Replaced applies-to element with substitution groups for augmentations and applies-to types and applies-to elements for metadata

  • Replaced link metadata with relationship metadata

  • Replaced appinfo annotation elements with attributes

  • Replaced reference target annotations with XML schema type attribute