Local Terminology Modeling


Local terminology is provided to improve the understanding of terms by those who do not share the same organization or subject matter background.


Local terminology declarations apply to the entire namespace in which they are defined.

This means that:

  • A term that is used in multiple properties and/or types in a namespace is only defined once.
  • Each namespace must define its own terminology - terminology from Core or other domains cannot be imported or reused.

Literal or definition

Each local term must have a literal translation or a definition.


Rule Applicability Title
NDR 10-51 REF, EXT Local term declaration is local to its schema document
NDR 10-52 REF, EXT Local terminology interpretation
NDR 10-75 REF, EXT appinfo:LocalTerm annotates schema
NDR 10-76 REF, EXT appinfo:LocalTerm has literal or definition