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NIEM training information, tailored to specific user roles.

Domain Modeler (1)

A domain modeler creates and manages the content in a NIEM domain.

IEPD Developer (20)

An Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) Developer designs, builds, and validates the components (artifacts) of an Information Exchange Package (IEP).

IEPD Implementer (3)

An IEPD implementer exchanges information based on the format, rules, and guidance provided by an existing IEPD specification.


Learn more about NIEM, including the model, IEPDs, tools, and specifications.

Artifacts (55)

Learn about the kinds of files that make up NIEM releases and IEPDs.

Content (3)

Get a high-level perspective on the kinds of content that appear in Core, the domains, and the code namespaces.

Model Concepts (86)

Learn about properties, types, augmentations, and other building blocks used to construct the model.

Specifications (15)

NIEM specifications provide rules and guidance in order to design consistent and well-defined information exchanges. Specifications are managed by the NIEM Technical Architecture Committee (NTAC).

Tools (24)

NIEM tools provide support for searching and exploring NIEM content and developing NIEM domains and exchanges.

NIEM Domain Modeling (10)


An easy introduction to the purpose of NIEM, the reasons to use NIEM with JSON data, and the developer knowledge needed to put NIEM JSON into practice.

A NIEM-JSON tutorial (1)

This tutorial walks the reader through a small example of implementing an information exchange using NIEM-JSON. It begins with a small set of data requirements, constructs a NIEM information exchange model, expresses data for that model as JSON, then constructs a JSON schema for that data.

NIEM and JSON Frequently Asked Questions (5)

Explains what NIEM and JSON each are and do and why they are useful together.

A NIEM-JSON Reference Guide (20)

Provides normative and non-normative guidance on how NIEM and JSON are used, including lots of examples.

Community Activities

NIEM community activities

A common understanding of grant data (1)

There are approximately 24 federal agencies that manage grants ranging from health to disasters to education and many other issue areas. A team within the NIEM community is working to identify the common terms, standardize them, and harmonize/unify the grants management systems.

NIEM in Health Care (14)

The NIEM Health Community's primary objective is to identify ways to use existing health IT standards to meet the needs of the NIEM community, all while providing education and awareness about the specific requirements for protecting sensitive health data.

Biometrics Domain (6)

A dedicated group that supports information sharing and promotes interoperability between mission-based organizations engaged in activities such as homeland security, national defense, border management, immigration benefits, and global law enforcement through the joint development and alignment of Extensible Markup Language (XML) Biometric Standards.

State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Tiger Team (14)

A dedicated group to advance information sharing at the state, local, tribal, and territorial level to help protect, support, and respond to community needs.

Geospatial Integration

There is a growing need for information exchanges to include geospatial elements and capabilities—NIEM provides this functionality.

Geo4NIEM Part 1 (2013) (1)

Geo4NIEM Part 1 (2013) was a collaborative, hands-on rapid prototype development and testing initiative in accordance with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)'s Interoperability Program. The partnership included NGA, Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the Army Geospatial Center and numerous participants and supporters from the public and private sector.

Geo4NIEM Part 2 (2015) (1)

Geo4NIEM Part 2 (2015) was one of four threads in OGC’s Testbed 11—a scenario-based test and demonstration of Geo4NIEM work. It focused on enhancing NIEM’s geospatial exchange capabilities to include Intelligence Community (IC) data encoding specifications, along with OASIS standards to enable granular data object level access authorization and/or denial aligned to OCG web services.

NIEM Releases

NIEM 5.1 Release (Draft) (1)

An overview of the draft NIEM 5.1 release, currently under development.

NIEM 5.0 Release (Current) (1)

An overview of the NIEM 5.0 release.

NIEM 4.2 Release (1)

An overview of the NIEM 4.2 release.

NIEM 4.1 Release (1)

An overview of the NIEM 4.1 release.

NIEM 4.0 Release (1)

An overview of the NIEM 4.0 release.

NIEM 3.2 Release (1)

An overview of the NIEM 3.2 release.

NIEM 3.1 Release (1)

An overview of the NIEM 3.1 release.

NIEM 3.0 Release (1)

An overview of the NIEM 3.0 release.

NIEM 2.1 Release (1)

An overview of the NIEM 2.1 release.

NIEM 2.0 Release (1)

An overview of the NIEM 2.0 release.

NIEM 1.0 Release (1)

An overview of the NIEM 1.0 release.

Domain Timeline (1)

The following is a timeline that shows when new domains were added to NIEM or underwent significant changes.

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