NIEM Releases

NIEM 4.0

NIEM version 4.0 is has been released. This is the current version of NIEM.

There are several ways to access NIEM 4.0:

Please send in any comment on the NIEM release as a GitHub issue.

In addition to the schema release, 4.0 incorporates technical updates:

  • An updated version of the NIEM Naming and Design Rules, which describes how NIEM schemas are constructed, and what NIEM data means.

    The rules from the NDR are reflected in the Conformance Testing Assistance (ConTesA) for NIEM, which includes rules from the NDR v3 and current drafts of the NDR v4.

  • An updated Code Lists Specification, which describes how to code lists formatted as CSV spreadsheets or Genericode XML documents can be used with NIEM schemas and NIEM XML documents.

  • A default JSON-LD context for NIEM 4.0: NIEM JSON leverages JSON-LD (JSON for Linked Data), enabling it to maintain consistency and to connect data across exchanges. The JSON-LD context is a JSON file that identifies, for every namespace for NIEM content, the namespace prefix and its corresponding namespace URI.

NIEM 3.2

The previous release of NIEM is NIEM version 3.2. It is accessible via:

Older versions

Older versions of NIEM are available: