The NIEM Naming and Design Rules specifies the data model, XML Schema components, and XML data for use with the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM).

Version under development

The NIEM Naming and Design Rules version 5.0 is currently under development. The latest draft is 5.0beta1.

This document is in a public review period. We invite comments on the document and supporting files, which is available on this website. Comments on the current version will be accepted through November 2, 2020.

Comments are being accepted as GitHub issues. If you find an issue that should be addressed, please add it as a new issue. Please try to submit no more than one topic per issue, but please submit as many issues as you like.

Please submit comments using this link.

We will be conducting a review of each submitted comment, and will be updating the document in response. Please refer back to this page for current status of the document. We may update the document before the beta1 review period ends. In this case, please submit comments against the most recent version.

Current version

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