Community Activities

  • A dedicated group that supports information sharing and promotes interoperability between mission-based organizations engaged in activities such as homeland security, national defense, border management, immigration benefits, and global law enforcement through the joint development and alignment of Extensible Markup Language (XML) Biometric Standards.
  • There are approximately 24 federal agencies that manage grants ranging from health to disasters to education and many other issue areas. A team within the NIEM community is working to identify the common terms, standardize them, and harmonize/unify the grants management systems.
  • The NIEM Health Community's primary objective is to identify ways to use existing health IT standards to meet the needs of the NIEM community, all while providing education and awareness about the specific requirements for protecting sensitive health data.
  • The MilOps Domain provides a catalogue of data components necessary to support improved data interoperability between DOD and mission partners for operations.
  • A dedicated group to advance information sharing at the state, local, tribal, and territorial level to help protect, support, and respond to community needs.