Names for JSON data

An object within a JSON document is composed of keys with corresponding values, for example:

  "person" : {
    "age" : 14,
    "hair color" : "brown",
    "name" : "Morty Smith"

In this example, each key is a string. When exchanging data in JSON, each participant needs to agree on basic facts about the data:

  • What are the allowed names for values and objects within the JSON document?
  • What do the various names mean?
  • What are the allowed values for a given name?

NIEM defines a methodology for defining and reusing names for data.

NIEM data names follow a specific syntax, based on the ISO 11179 standard.

NIEM names are grouped by namespaces, distinguishing names that would otherwise be ambiguous or conflicting, and identifying names from specific versions of vocabularies.