Syntax of NIEM names

Each data component in NIEM has a single local name, which is paired with a namespace to form a universally unique qualified name.

Each local name follows a common structure. The main parts of a NIEM component name are:

  • An object class term identifies a category of real-world things:

    • For a property (an element or attribute), the object class term identifies the category of thing that can have this characteristic, or which is the subject of this relationship.

    • For a type (simple or complex), the object class term identifies the category of things that the type represents.

  • A property term describes a characteristic, relationship, or subpart of something.

  • A representation term describes the nature of the value of an element or type. Representation terms in NIEM are listed in the Naming and Design Rules.

Any of the above terms may have any number of qualifier terms, which modify the term, to increase semantic precision or to reduce ambiguity. A qualifier term usually precedes the term it modifies.

For example, the parts of the NIEM element nc:PersonPhysicalDisabilityText are:

  • nc - a namespace prefix (see NIEM Namespaces)
  • Person - an object class term
  • Physical - a qualifier term
  • Disability - a property term
  • Text - a representation term

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