NIEM is a large data model, with over 11,000 elements. Because of the size, it might seem overwhelming to new users, but it isn’t necessary to try to review each element. A basic familiarity with Core and the domains and the ability to search the model is enough to get started.

A good way to begin is to browse through the lists below and on the next page to get a very high level overview of the kinds of components that are in Core and the domains. After that basic overview, follow the links that are most relevant to you to learn more.

The following is a list of information about Core and the domains from the 4.0 release.

Want to view components in the SSGT? Click here to open the tool, enter terms into the search box and click on “Advanced Search” to filter by namespace.

Namespace Prefix XSD Schema Movement
Core nc niem-core.xsd all elements
Agriculture ag agriculture.xsd all elements
Biometrics biom biom.xsd all elements
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear cbrn cbrn.xsd all elements
Emergency Management em emergencyManagement.xsd all elements
Human Services hs hs.xsd all elements
Immigration im immigration.xsd all elements
Infrastructure Protection ip infrastructureProtection.xsd all elements
Intelligence intel intelligence.xsd all elements
International Trade it internationalTrade.xsd all elements
Justice j jxdm.xsd all elements
Maritime m maritime.xsd all elements
Military Operations mo mo.xsd all elements
Screening scr screening.xsd all elements
Surface Transportation st st.xsd all elements