NIEM tools provide support for searching and exploring NIEM content and developing NIEM domains and exchanges.

NIEM program tools

The following is information about the tools that are developed and supported by the NIEM program. Information about community and commercially-available tools can be found in the NIEM Tools Catalog.

  • Schema Subset Generation Tool (SSGT)

    The Schema Subset Generation Tool (SSGT) enables users to search and view the content of the NIEM model, and build XML Schema subsets for use in exchanges.

  • Conformance Testing Assistant (ConTesA)

    The Conformance Testing Assistant (ConTesA) enables users to test NIEM XML schemas against the automated rules from the NIEM Naming and Design Rules (NDR).

  • Movement

    Movement provides a user-friendly interface and smarter search results for the latest NIEM release. Movement is also open source so the community who inspired its creation can contribute to it.

  • Migration Tool

    The Migration Tool enables you to upgrade a NIEM XML Schema subset generated by the SSGT to the next release.

NIEM resources for other tools

  • NIEM resources for the Oxygen XML Editor

    The Oxygen XML Editor is a commercial multi-platform XML editor. NIEM provides some additional information and resources for this tool that may assist with domain and IEPD schema development and conformance testing.

  • NIEM resources for XMLSpy

    XMLSpy is a proprietary XML editor and integrated development environment developed by Altova. NIEM provides some additional information for this tool that may assist with domain and IEPD schema development and testing.