NIEM expands domains, goes international

NIEM expands domains, goes international

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Many of the working domains that have committed to using the NIEM framework for the creation of specific information exchange standards have made extensive use of NIEM and continue to create new applications that benefit from the NIEM advantages of lower cost and faster time to production. With this track record, new domains continue to emerge that have potential uses and impact on SLTT agencies and companies that work in these spaces. There are 18 domains actively engaged in the use of NIEM, ranging from justice to biometrics, and the newer domain of cyber which is endeavoring to develop standards for sharing cyber incidents across agencies and domains. A statistics domain is in development, and the NIEM steering committee announced two new domains that will have the potential of helping SLTT agencies improve interoperability across jurisdictions and disciplines.

The Learning and Development domain is about creating new data components for the NIEM related to training and education, and fostering the design of information exchanges that facilitate the exchange of materials between agencies for many purposes of particular interest to the SLTT world.

Th International Human Services Domain is the first domain to be managed by a steward outside the U.S., as Canada has stepped up to take responsibility for this domain and to make it international in scope. This domain will concentrate on aspects of human services that will be more sharable for topics such as benefits and the delivery of services across agencies and even countries.

Both of these new domains, and others active in NIEM, are interested in having SLTT engagement and participation, and if you are interested in helping roll out these impactful domains go to and click on Contact Us.