NIEM tools provide support for reviewing NIEM content and developing NIEM domains and exchanges.

The following is information about the tools that are developed and supported by the NIEM program. Information about community and commercially-available tools can be found in the NIEM Tools Catalog.

Schema Subset Generation Tool (SSGT)

The Schema Subset Generation Tool (SSGT) enables you to search and explore the content of the NIEM model. Additionally, you have the option of building XML Schema subsets of a NIEM release for use in NIEM XML exchanges. Based on the list of components selected by you for the subset, the tool will calculate dependencies and generate a valid set of schemas that are a subset of a release for download as a zip file.

  • Search and explore the content of NIEM
  • Build XML Schema subsets of a release
    • Automatic management of component dependencies
    • Customize cardinality and nillable values
  • Multi-release support
  • API for selecting NIEM subset components (wantlist)

A NIEM subset will contain only the user-selected elements and types from a release, plus any required dependencies. The subset will likely be much smaller than the corresponding full NIEM release.


Conformance Testing Assistant (ConTesA)

The Conformance Testing Assistant (ConTesA) enables users to test NIEM XML schemas against the automated rules from the NIEM Naming and Design Rules (NDR). This is an important first step in verifying NIEM conformance.

  • Validates XML schemas against the automated rules of the NIEM NDR.
  • Generates a conformance report available in spreadsheet, HTML, and XML formats.
  • Tests single XML schemas or multiple schemas bundled in a zip file.
  • Saves conformance reports to the user accounts.

Do not upload sensitive or classified materials to ConTesA.



Movement enables you to search and explore the content of the NIEM model. It provides a user friendly interface, smarter search results, and a streamlined way to build JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Schema in support of exchanges. It is also open source: the community who inspired its creation can contribute to it.

  • Search and explore the content of NIEM.
  • Build simple JSON subsets of the current release.
  • Open-source

Movement is currently in beta. Future plans include the ability to generate full NIEM JSON schema subsets and use the SSGT API in order to provide the option of XML Schema subsets.


Migration Tool

The Migration Tool enables you to upgrade an XML Schema release subset to a newer version. This supports the process to update an existing exchange to use a more recent NIEM release.

Migrations may only be made over consecutive releases. It will be necessary to run multiple migrations to convert to a non-consecutive release. For example, to migrate a 3.1 release subset to 4.0, two migrations must be made: 3.1 to 3.2, and then 3.2 to 4.0.

  • Release subset migrated to a newer version
  • Updated wantlist
  • Migration report that contains status information and any issues encountered

The migration tool only migrates release subsets. Local NIEM schemas must be updated manually.


Tools Catalog

Information about community and commercially-available tools.