Schema Subset Generation Tool (SSGT)

The Schema Subset Generation Tool (SSGT) enables you to search and explore the content of the NIEM model. Additionally, you have the option of building XML Schema subsets of a NIEM release for use in NIEM XML exchanges. Based on the list of components selected by you for the subset, the tool will calculate dependencies and generate a valid set of schemas that are a subset of a release for download as a zip file.

  • Search and explore the content of NIEM
  • Build XML Schema subsets of a release
    • Automatic management of component dependencies
    • Customize cardinality and nillable values
  • Multi-release support
  • API for selecting NIEM subset components (wantlist)

A NIEM subset will contain only the user-selected elements and types from a release, plus any required dependencies. The subset will likely be much smaller than the corresponding full NIEM release.

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