Welcome to the new home of NIEM training

We recently modernized our training to include user-driven tutorials and reference content on GitHub. It’s an evolution based on how people learn these days.

The content addresses the two types of training audiences we historically see:

  1. Someone who is a newcomer to NIEM and needs to get up to speed on how to do things. This could include managing domain model content, developing an exchange, implementing an exchange, publishing a data set, or reusing the vocabulary. If this is you, please see the training tracks below.
  2. Someone who is already familiar with NIEM and is looking for quick reference material to determine or verify how to do something. If this is you, please visit the Reference section.

This section represents our work in progress. As we knock out content, we push it out to the user community for feedback and use.

Training tracks

Choose from below for the kind of materials that will best fit your role in using NIEM: