IEPD Implementer

An IEPD implementer exchanges information based on the format, rules, and guidance provided by an existing IEPD specification.

In this section

Below is a list of general resources for IEPD implementers.

  • Implementation Cookbook

    A catalog of techniques and methods that help to implement NIEM.

  • IEPD Java Bindings

    This is a Java project on GitHub that uses Maven and JAXB to generate a jar of java class files based on an IEPD that can be used to read and generate instances.

Artifacts for IEPD Implementers

Artifact IEPD Implementer Uses
Code Lists Interpret static or run-time code list bindings.
Specify run-time bindings.

IEPD Implementer Tools and Specifications

The goal of NIEM is to provide a common data model, architecture, and framework to support more consistent, reusable, and scalable information exchanges. By the time a conformant IEPD is published, it should already:

  1. Have all of the NIEM-specific rules and guidances about developing the data model and IEPDs built in, and
  2. Capture and fully represent all of the local exchange requirements.

The IEPD should include such things as schemas to enable message validation, well-named and well-defined components, and sample instances and other documentation that demonstrate and describe the format and requirements of the exchange. This bundle of artifacts does not require any NIEM-specific tools or specifications to implement - NIEM is independent of any particular software or environment.

See the NIEM Tools Catalog for information about community and commercially-available tools.

Other resources

Please see other sections on this site for additional information:

  • IEPD Starter Kit

    Learn about NIEM IEPD conformance, view sample IEPDs, and more.

  • Artifacts

    Learn about the kinds of files that make up NIEM releases and IEPDs.