Domain Modeler

A domain modeler creates and manages the content in a NIEM domain.

General information

There are a large number of tools and reference materials available to help you build and manage a domain. You can see a large list of information resources at the Reference page. Some of the sections you may find most immediately useful are the ones highlighted below:

Other sections on this site

The following is a list of other sections on that may be useful for domain modelers:

  • Artifacts

    Learn about the kinds of files that make up NIEM releases and IEPDs.

  • Content

    A high-level perspective on the kinds of content that appear in Core and the domains.

  • Concepts for data modeling

    Learn about properties, types, augmentations, and other building blocks used to construct the model.

  • Releases

    A NIEM release is a coherent set of schemas and supporting artifacts representing a specific version of the NIEM data model, published by the NIEM Management Office. Release schemas contain reusable properties and types meant for use in information exchanges. These schemas include NIEM Core, domains, and code tables.

  • Specifications

    NIEM specifications provide rules and guidance in order to design consistent and well-defined information exchanges. Specifications are managed by the NIEM Technical Architecture Committee (NTAC).

  • Tools

    NIEM tools provide support for searching and exploring NIEM content and developing NIEM domains and exchanges.

  • NIEM Domain Modeling Guide

    How to design a Community of Interest

External resources