Domain Modeler

A domain modeler creates and manages the content in a NIEM domain.

General Resources for Domain Modelers

There are a large number of tools and reference materials available to help you build and manage a domain. You can see a large list of information resources at the Reference page. Some of the sections you may find most immediately useful are the ones highlighted below:


The Tools section contains information about tools that will help you search NIEM, build subsets, and check conformance. It also includes a link to the NIEM Tools Catalog, with information about community and commercial tools available.

Tool Domain Uses
SSGT Search and view the content of the model.
Movement Search and view the content of the model in the new and easy-to-use open-source tool.
ConTesA During the release development process, do you submit changes to your domain as NIEM-conformant XML Schema? Use ConTesA to check your XML schema for NDR conformance errors and warnings.
Migration Tool N/A - Domain schemas are already migrated to the latest release as part of the release development process.


The Artifacts section describes files and packages related to NIEM releases and messages.

Artifact Domain Uses
Release Learn about NIEM major and minor releases.
Core Supplement Learn about NIEM publishes additive changes for the Core namespace between major releases.
Domain Update Learn about to publish changes for your domain outside of the normal NIEM release cycle.
Release Package artifacts Learn about the artifacts that can be found in a release package.
Code Lists Define enhanced code lists in a domain.


The Specifications section describes the specifications that establish normative rules for NIEM (e.g., the proper naming of documents and elements, what conformance means).

Specification Domain Uses
Naming and Design Rules Learn about the architecture of the NIEM data model, its representation in XML, and the conformance rules that are required for domain schemas.
Code Lists Want to use CSV files to define your domain codes instead of XML enumerations?
Want to link codes to other codes (like vehicle makes and models) or multiple definitions?
Want to use GENC codes from the release?
Learn how NIEM uses CSV files to represent enhanced code lists.
Conformance Learn what it means for a schema, IEPD, or other artifact to be NIEM-conformant.
Conformance Targets Attribute Learn how to declare conformance targets for your extension schemas.
This is required both for NIEM conformance and to use ConTesA for conformance testing.
High-Level Version Architecture Learn about major and minor releases, Core Supplements, domain updates, and the NIEM release cycle.