Implementation Cookbook

A catalog of techniques and methods that help to implement NIEM.

When you’re creating an information exchange, you rarely ever use NIEM by itself. Depending on business requirements, there are other aspects of information exchange implementations that are required, including access controls, policy automation, transmission protocol, and others.

Based on our NIEM implementation experience, we’ve identified some common patterns (or “recipes,” so to speak) to implement NIEM with other pieces of the information exchange puzzle.

The implementation cookbook serves as a single location for the community to learn and share reusable solutions for implementing NIEM.

With your help, our goal is for the cookbook to define the many ways NIEM-based exchanges can be used within specific environments, with various technologies and standards. This includes programming languages, data formats, query languages, and messaging frameworks.

Remember, NIEM and other data standards are independent of any particular software. However, ensuring NIEM is expressed, defined, and used in various software platforms better enables reusability, portability, and interoperability—which is what this effort is working toward.