Augmentation Points

An augmentation point is a special substitution group created to allow for later replacement by additional content from other namespaces.

Every NIEM release type that contains sub-elements also contains an augmentation point element. These elements are abstract, have no type, and cannot appear in any instance. They serve strictly as substitution points, to be replaced by other content - the augmentation elements.

The name of each augmentation point element corresponds to the type in which it appears, with the representation term "Type" being replaced by "AugmentationPoint".

Basic augmentation


Each of the types in the table of examples below contain the augmentation point element listed next to it. The names and definitions follow a regular pattern.

Type Augmentation Point Element Definition of Augmentation Point Element
nc:PersonType nc:PersonAugmentationPoint An augmentation point for PersonType
nc:ContactInformationType nc:ContactInformationAugmentationPoint An augmentation point for ContactInformationType
em:AccessType em:AccessAugmentationPoint An augmentation point for AccessType
it:AgentType it:AgentAugmentationPoint An augmentation point for AgentType

Each of these augmentation point elements may be replaced in an instance with other content.