NIEM High-Level Version Architecture (HLVA) Specification

The NIEM High-Level Version Architecture (HLVA) Specification identifies the processes, artifacts, and responsibilities required to produce new releases of the NIEM model. It also establishes a regular release cycle for predictable and manageable NIEM updates.

Specification Resources

Available versions

  • Version 5.0, published 2021. Use with NIEM 5.0 and later releases. [Current version]
  • Version 3.0, published 2015. Use with NIEM 3.0 - NIEM 4.2.
  • Version 1.0, published 2008. Use with NIEM 1.0 - NIEM 2.1.


The HLVA was designed to meet the following objectives:

  • A domain may issue a domain update as needed to publish content changes outside of the regular release cycle.
  • IEPDs may reuse content from NIEM releases and domain updates.
  • Domain updates are incorporated into the next NIEM release.
  • A clear process is available for domains to participate in Core-related harmonization and issue resolution.
  • A reliable schedule exists for releases and release activities.
  • All NIEM content changes are visible, via uniquely identified schemas and from change logs.


This specification is being stood down by the NIEM Technical Architecture Committee (NTAC). The content in the specification is being migrated directly into this site, primarily in the Reference / Release section.