Genericode is a XML representation for code lists defined by OASIS in 2007. The NIEM Code Lists Specification leverages Genericode as a method of representing code lists in NIEM information exchange specifications.

The OASIS Genericode specification defines the Genericode XML format.


Since Genericode is an XML syntax, a person may use any standard XML tools to work with Genericode. In addition, some tools provide specific support for Genericode code lists.

Crane Softwrights Code List Resources

Crane Softwrights’ page on OASIS UBL and Code List Resources features a package containing XSLT files that can convert a specially-structured CSV file to Genericode.

Webb Roberts’s Code List Tools

Webb Roberts provides a set of code list tools on Github that include Unix/Linux/Mac command-line tools that:

  1. Convert Excel/spreadsheet CSV files to Genericode files.
  2. Validate Genericode files against the Genericode schema and additional rules.

You can download a complete release of Webb’s code list tools.