Analyze Requirements

The analyze requirements phase is the next step you take in IEPD development.

You have graphically defined your scenario, and now you need to define your business rules and requirements, which define the exchange as well as the expectations of the exchange.

Business Case Example

Currently, the only means a city has to process school meal program applications is through paper-based applications at the city Human Services Agency office. Once approved, the Human Services Agency faxes approved applications to the particular school where the child attends. It is a primarily manual process that inhibits timely delivery of citizen services.

The city government identifies the need to create a series of information exchanges:

  • Exchanges that allow resident parents to apply online for their children’s school meals program.
  • Exchanges that automate the processing of the parent’s request between the Human Services Agency and the school.
  • Exchanges that implement a web-based service that, upon submission, automatically checks the city’s Human Services Agency database to ensure the applicant is from a low-income family and qualifies for the school meals program. If qualified, the web-based service notifies the respective school to add the child to the meal program.

Your scenario diagram may look like this:

School Meals

Create Effective Requirements

Results can vary between individuals and groups. Examples of good requirements could be the following:

Candidate Message Exchange Packages

  • Request from Parent to meal program eligibility system
  • Eligibility reply from Human Services Agency to eligibility system
  • Notification to add child to meal program from eligibility system to school
  • Notification to add child to meal program from eligibility system to parent

Performance Requirements

  • The web-based service notifies parents via email whether or not their child qualifies for the school meals program ten minutes after receiving their application.
  • A school receives notification within 24 hours of a new qualified child within their school.

Reporting Requirements

Each school in the city receives a monthly report of every child in their school who is currently enrolled in the school meals program.

Data Quality Requirements

Data Quality Requirements should be taken into consideration once above requirements are discussed.