Scenario Planning

The scenario planning phase is the first step you take in IEPD development.

In scenario planning, the IEPD stakeholders decided and agreed on what will go into the package, and developed one or more diagrams from the following types:

Use Case Diagram Example

A use case diagram describes functionality.

Traveler Processing System

Business Process Diagram Example

A business process diagram shows the graphical and sequential activities involved in an exchange.

Traveler Processing System

Sequence Diagram Example

A sequence diagram shows how applications or systems operate with one another. It displays the sequential order of operational processes or messages between applications as horizontal arrows between the parallel, vertical lines that are used for applications.

This sub-process of the traveler processing system has three interacting applications:

  • Airport Screening Application
  • Customs Application
  • Airport History Application

Traveler Processing System

When you have answers to the questions and complications discussed earlier, and one or more detailed diagrams, proceed to the next phase: Analyze Requirements.