NIEM 1.0 Release

NIEM 1.0 is a major release, published November 2006.



The success of the Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) for the justice community led to the creation of NIEM with a multi-domain model. GJXDM content was refactored into two core namespaces and a new Justice domain; other new domains were added.

  • Added NIEM Core, represented as two namespaces:
    • Universal Core (u) - meant to represent very stable components used in almost all messages
    • Common Core (c) - meant to represent components understood by almost all NIEM users
  • Added the Emergency Management (em) domain
  • Added the Immigration (im) domain
  • Added the Infrastructure Protection (ip) domain
  • Added the Intelligence (intel) domain
  • Added the International Trade (it) domain
  • Added the Justice (j) domain
  • Added the Screening (scr) domain
  • Added the Geography Markup Language (GML) as an external standard
  • Added support for IC-ISM security markup metadata
  • Represented augmentations via type extension and type substitution