NIEM 2.1 Release

NIEM 2.1 is a minor release, published September 2009.



  • Added the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (cbrn) domain
  • Added the Family Services (fs) domain
  • Added the Maritime (m) domain
  • NIEM continued to add and update domain content and code sets, and to address user feedback.
  • The NIEM UML profile was introduced.

See the NIEM 2.1 change log for a list of changes.

The following are the NIEM specifications that can be used with this release:

  • NIEM Naming and Design Rules, version 1.3 [published 2008]

    The NIEM Naming and Design Rules specifies the data model XML Schema components and XML data for use with the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). Learn more...

  • NIEM Conformance Specification, version 1.0 [published 2008]

    The NIEM Conformance Specification introduces the idea of NIEM conformance and provides a general normative definition for its meaning, how it applies, and to what it does and does not apply. It describes the benefits of conformance, and refers to sources of information, tools, and help. Learn more...