NIEM 4.2 Release

NIEM 4.2 is a minor release, published October 2019.



  • Added and updated DNA and pedigree components in the Biometrics domain

  • Added components to the Emergency Management domain to support the Public Health Emergency Operations Center (PH EOC) Minimum Data Set

  • Updated Core-dependent code tables (#35)
    • Census county codes (#45)
    • Census / DOT commodity codes (#48)
    • DEA drug codes (#49)
    • Dept of Labor occupation codes (#50)
    • Census FIPS state codes (#51)
    • HazMat codes (#53)
    • HL7 FHIR religion codes (#54)
    • ISO 4217 currency codes (#55)
    • ISO 639-3 language codes (#56)
    • OmniClass facility codes (#57)
  • Updated FBI code sets

  • Updated GENC Code Lists CSVs to version 3-10 and added XML schema enumeration representations

See the NIEM 4.2 readme for a list of changes.

The following are the NIEM specifications that can be used with this release:

  • NIEM Naming and Design Rules, version 4.0 [published 2017]

    The NIEM Naming and Design Rules specifies the data model XML Schema components and XML data for use with the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). Learn more...

  • Model Package Description, version 3.0.1 [published 2015]

    The NIEM Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) Specification specifies normative rules and non-normative guidance for building NIEM information exchange messages. It defines IEPD artifacts like subset schemas, extension schemas, and MPD catalogs; and recommends how the package should be structured. Learn more...

  • NIEM JSON Specification, version 4.0 [published 2020]

    The NIEM JSON Specification establishes the technical basis for using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) as a data format for exchange of information consistent with NIEM-conformant schemas and information exchange package documentations (IEPDs). Learn more...

  • NIEM Conformance Specification, version 3.0 [published 2014]

    The NIEM Conformance Specification introduces the idea of NIEM conformance and provides a general normative definition for its meaning, how it applies, and to what it does and does not apply. It describes the benefits of conformance, and refers to sources of information, tools, and help. Learn more...

  • NIEM Code Lists Specification, version 4.0 [published 2017]

    The Code Lists Specification adds support for new capabilities of NIEM code lists beyond the basic enumeration representations provided by XML and JSON schema. Key features include the definition of codes in CSV or Genericode files, dynamic code lists via run-time binding, and multi-column code table support. Learn more...

  • NIEM Conformance Targets Attribute Specification, version 3.0 [published 2014]

    The Conformance Targets Attribute Specification (CTAS) defines how NIEM XML documents indicate what kind of artifact they are through the use of a conformance targets attribute. Learn more...

  • NIEM High-Level Version Architecture Specification, version 3.0 [published 2015]

    The NIEM High-Level Version Architecture (HLVA) Specification identifies the processes, artifacts, and responsibilities required to produce new releases of the NIEM model. It also establishes a regular release cycle for predictable and manageable NIEM updates. Learn more...