NIEM 5.2 Release (Draft)

NIEM 5.2 alpha 1 is now available for review!

See the Resources section below for more. Please email feedback to or submit a new 5.2 issue by the end of the day Friday, August 26, 2022.

NIEM 5.2 is a minor release and is currently under development. Publication is scheduled for Fall 2022.



This schedule is subject to change.

Draft Date Issues Description
Alpha 1 Aug 2022 Issues Major domain content submissions due.
Beta 1 Sep 2022   Harmonize and refine alpha changes. Smaller content submissions, code table updates, and new requests may still be addressed during this time.
Release Candidate (RC) 1 Oct 2022   QA and preparations for the release. Only bug fixes are considered during this stage; other requests will be queued for the following release.
Release Fall 2022   Publish release and update tools (SSGT, Movement, Migration Tool)

Additional phases (e.g., Beta 2) may be added as needed during the development process.


The following is a summary of the major changes made in this release:

  • Cyber domain
    • Added and modified content to support State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) Agency Cyber Incident Reporting Requirements (CIRR) and Cyber-Physical System (CPS) Incident Reporting Requirements (#233).
  • Learning and Development domain (new)
    • Added content about courses, course sections, students, and employment positions. (#235)
  • MilOps domain
    • Added Minimum Essential Metadata (MEM) content (#234)
    • Added U.S. Message Text Format (USMTF) content as a subdomain (#236)