NIEM 6.0 Version (Draft)

NIEM 6.0 will be a major version and is currently under development. Publication is scheduled for December 2023.



This schedule is subject to change.

Draft Date Issues Description
Jun 2023   Major domain content submissions due.
  Sep 2023   NBAC, NTAC, and community review of working draft.
PSD 01 Nov 2023 link Project Specification Draft (PSD) 01
PS 01 Dec 2023   Project Specification (PS) 01. Major version published and tools updated.
OS 01 2024   OASIS Standard (OS) 01.

Additional phases may be added as needed during the development process.


The following is a summary of the major changes made in NIEM 6.0:

  • Core and cross-domain harmonization

  • Updates to support the transition of NIEM to an OASIS Open Project, including namespace URI changes.

  • Updates to support upcoming [NIEM-NDR-v6.0] changes, including:

    • Adapter changes - New representation terms and a simpler type syntax.

    • Attribute augmentations - Allows message designers to create semantically-named attribute references from simple data properties to supplemental content.

    • Attribute wildcards - Allows declared attributes to be added to any NIEM element property.

    • Metadata changes - Now treated like regular objects, can be included in types where applicable, and can be augmented and extended.

    • Role changes - Leverages standard type extension and the existing structures:uri attribute to relate different roles of the same entity in a message together, replacing the previous RoleOf construct.

  • Updates related to new digital identity requirements led by the Emergency Management domain, including:

    • nc:IdentificationType and related augmentation types

    • nc:LicenseType (new) to support other kinds of licenses with NIEM

    • j:DriverLicenseType and related types

    • nc:PassportType, which now extends nc:IdentificationType

    • em:PersonIDCardType, which has been refactored to augment nc:IdentificationType

    • m:SeamanLicenseType, which can now be represented by the new nc:LicenseType

    • m:MerchantMarinerDocumentType, which can now be represented by the new nc:LicenseType

  • Code set updates, including:

    • Updates provided by the FBI for the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) codes
    • GENC codes, version 3-12
  • Synchronized the Justice domain version number with the rest of the model: now Justice 6.0

Changes to version 6.0 are described in more detail in the