NIEM 6.0 Version (Draft)

NIEM 6.0 will be a major version and is currently under development. Publication is scheduled for December 2023.


The version is currently in an early stage and updated schemas are not yet available for review.


This schedule is subject to change.

Draft Date Issues Description
Jun 2023   Major domain content submissions due.
PSD 01 Sep 2023   Project Specification Draft (PSD) 01 and Public Review. Smaller content submissions, code table updates, and new requests may still be addressed during this time.
PS 01 Dec 2023   Project Specification (PS) 01. Major version published and tools updated.
OS 01 2024   OASIS Standard (OS) 01.

Additional phases may be added as needed during the development process.


The following changes are expected to appear in NIEM 6.0:

  • Emergency Management domain

  • International Human Services domain - new

  • MilOps domain - updated Minimum Essential Metadata content

  • NCIC codes - latest updates

  • Surface Transportation domain - updated Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC) content