NIEM Releases

NIEM 4.2-rc1 is now available for review! Feedback is requested by Monday, October 7, 2019. Click here for more.

Current Release: NIEM 4.1

NIEM version 4.1 has been released. This is the current version of NIEM. Release notes are available on GitHub.

There are several ways to access NIEM 4.1:

Please send in any comment on the NIEM release as a GitHub issue.

In addition to the schema release, 4.1 incorporates a default JSON-LD context for NIEM 4.1: NIEM JSON leverages JSON-LD (JSON for Linked Data), enabling it to maintain consistency and to connect data across exchanges. The JSON-LD context is a JSON file that identifies, for every namespace for NIEM content, the namespace prefix and its corresponding namespace URI.

Under Development: NIEM 4.2

NIEM 4.2 release candidate (RC) 1 is now available for review!

The release package is available from the NIEM-Releases repository on GitHub and may also be downloaded as a zip file. The package includes XML schemas, documentation spreadsheets, a change log, a JSON-LD context file, and a README.

Please email feedback to or submit a new 4.2 issue by Monday, October 7, 2019.

The final 4.2 release will be published Fall 2019.


NIEM 4.2 will be a minor release. Domain content and domain code tables may be updated as needed.

Core and Core code tables will be locked until the next major release (NIEM 5.0). Core Supplements can be published in the interim, with additive changes published in new schemas that can be used alongside or in addition to the originals.

The NIEM architecture, defined by the NIEM Naming and Design Rules, also remains locked in minor releases.


Please note: This schedule is subject to change.

Product Date Issues Description
Alpha 1 Mar 2019 Alpha issues Major domain content submissions due.
Beta 1 Aug 2019 Beta issues Harmonize and refine alpha changes. Smaller content submissions, code table updates, and new requests may still be addressed during this time.
Release Candidate (RC) 1 Sep 2019   QA and preparations for the release. Only bug fixes are considered during this stage; other requests will be queued for the following release.
Release Oct 2019   Publish release and update content tools (SSGT, Movement, and Migration Tool)

Additional phases (e.g., Beta 2) may be added as needed during the development process.

Major changes

  • Biometrics: Added and updated DNA and pedigree components (#43)
  • Emergency Management: Added new components to support the Public Health Emergency Operations Center (PH EOC) Minimum Data Set (#42)
  • Justice:
    • Updated FBI NDEx codes (#39)
    • Updated FBI UCR codes (#59)
    • Updated FBI NCIC codes (#63)
    • Removed FBI NIBRS namespace (#60)
    • Removed FBI CJIS namespace (#68)
  • Core Supplement 4.0.2: Updated Core-dependent code tables (#35)

See the README, 4.2 issue list, or 4.2 project board for more details.

All NIEM Releases

NIEM release packages are available on GitHub and (NIEM’s original publication site).

There are also online tools available to search and view NIEM release content:

Release Release Package Links Zip Info Naming and
Design Rules
NIEM 4.2-beta1
(Latest draft)
GitHub Zip Readme NDR 4.0 Submit feedback
NIEM 4.1
(Current release)
GitHub | Zip Readme NDR 4.0 Submit feedback
Also available in Movement
NIEM 4.0 GitHub | Zip Readme NDR 4.0 4.0 architecture update summary
Introduces a default JSON-LD context artifact
Supports the NIEM Code Lists Specification
NIEM 3.2 GitHub | Zip Info NDR 3.0
NIEM 3.1 GitHub | Zip Info NDR 3.0
NIEM 3.0 GitHub | Zip Info NDR 3.0
NIEM 2.1 GitHub | Zip Info NDR 1.3 +
NIEM 2.0 GitHub | Zip Info NDR 1.3
NIEM 1.0 GitHub | Zip Info